About Us

LimmyJimmy Creations

We are a small local company from Colorado Springs. This business started from an interest in 3D printing to a hobby. The company's first printer was a family printer to satisfy a hobby. My kids thought that the family printer was like a new virtual pet, we feed it, we took care of it, and we spent a lot of time with it. Thus, our new virtual family pet (the printer) needed a name, and so we named it Dwight. 

The designs on the site are not an exhaustive list of what can be printed. Additionally, any of the designs on the website can be modified for your preferences, including size and color.

LimmyJimmy Creations currently uses PLA, ABS, TPU, and PETG filaments. Other types will be available in the future. Dwight prefers to work with PETG. 

Bring your creativity to life now, with your own custom print. 

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